First, I know this may be the incorrect forum or place to put this, but please understand I am not a member here I am just trying to help out who ever lost this drone, please mods if necessary move this post to the correct forum location


So straight to the point, I found a Drone this morning on my commute in to work.

It was laying on the side of route 50 in the Cheverly / Landover Hill area.


The good news is I found it and want to get it back to you, the bad news it has been raining all morning and I’m sure this has at least been sitting there since this weekend so its been soaked for at least 10 hours straight. I unplugged the battery and laid it out to dry… hopefully nothing’s fried.. but chances are there is some electrical damage to the servo / motors


Don’t need a reward, just want to get this back to whoever owns it.


I know sadly there are some people out there trying to snag a free stuff, so don’t even reply to this ad unless you have a picture and or serial number of the drone you lost along with a contact number so I can get in touch with you.


If your picture matches Ill let you know and we can schedule sometime we can meet up after work so I can get it back to you.


This is posted in on craigslist in the Washington DC post. Go to the community section, and lost and found, when you find the post respond to me through there in order to get in contact with me directly.  I have to do it this way as I am posting this in many areas across the web and want to make sure I get the response addressed. If the craigslist post is down, the drone made it home and it wasn’t your drone.


Mods if the craigslist post is down, can you please archive or delete this forum, thanks.